A Living Religion Born from 

Web3 & Pan-Syncreticism

Holy Bjble

The Bald Jesus Bible Living Edition was the first book to codify the philosophy and way of Baldism. This is a living book that can go through drastic changes annually via the Council of Aiea.

Baoism is a syncretic religious philosophy focused on human happiness (and the first fork of Baldism)


Council of Aiea

The Council of Aiea is made up of dedicted Holy Bjble owners who dictate via on chain governance exactly what Baldism is and codify it annually in new editions of the Holy Bjble.

Baldism History

In 2021, Bald Jesus appeared in the Web3-NFT space. Numerous artists began depicting him and a philosophy of living quickly grew from this community. 

Bald Jesus NFTs

Baldism Community

A place for Baldists to commune, create, and enjoy fellowship.

Bjble Stories w/ Bald Jesus

Fun Stories centered on the life of Bald Jesus & Frens

Bald Jesus Medium

A place where Baldists can share stories of interest to other Baldists

Bald Jesus Cent Page

The Links and Socials of Bald Jesus